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About Us

Our Company

USA Prime provides intrepid, investigative reporting around the world to give voice to the voiceless and hold the powerful accountable.

We are completely free from political and commercial influence because of our independent ownership structure. Only our values determine the stories we cover, with relentless courage.

We are funded by our readers.
USA Primes’ global readership powers its independent, high-impact journalism.

Thanks to that generosity, we’re able to provide high-quality, trusted reporting that’s accessible to everyone. It allows us to investigate and challenge without fear or favor, and to amplify stories worth telling. There are many ways you can support us today, and you can choose the one that suits you most.

Our goal is to help our customers make the best decisions possible. It drives our actions. For over ten years, we’ve been at the forefront of digital journalism. We have a start-up mindset that emphasizes a flat management structure and team-oriented operations.

It is with intention and purpose that USA Prime News’ audience comes to us. We aim to create content that informs, enlightens and empowers them to make the best choices. USA Prime News has editorial independence. We are committed to the free exchange of truthful, fair and thorough information and to the values of ethical journalism.

The Journalism
USA Prime has a global reputation covering politics, technology, social justice, travel and culture. Our journalists produce award-winning podcasts, video documentaries, infographics and visuals, as well as agenda-setting investigations, live breaking news, compelling opinion writing and the liveliest features.

USA Prime is a multi-faceted digital media company that helps consumers, business leaders, and public servants make life-changing choices. For nearly a decade, we have earned the trust of our readers and users by using world-class data and technology to publish independent reports, rankings, journalism and advice.

It reaches over 2 million people each month at the time when expert advice is most needed and most likely to be acted upon. The “Best” series of consumer guides covers topics such as how-to, tech, nutrition, automotive, financial services, and many others.

These guides give consumers a straightforward list to understand and compare as they make choices. We continue to publish the annual news on Education and How to do it yourself guide, which we publish online and in printed form. In addition, USA Prime News Live’s flagship conferences drive important national conversations.


Our executive team includes Henry Frank, executive chairman and chief executive officer, and Dele Warmeth, publisher and chief content officer. The news coverage provided by USA Prime News is editorially independent. We uphold ethical journalism values to ensure the free exchange of truthful, fair and thorough information.

We’ve always strived to make it easier for our users to find what they want. Our innovative technology helps connect the people who come to us-the curious, the decision-makers, the buyers and sellers-with what they want.

We’re all about helping audiences make the best choices, and that means helping advertisers do the same. Our audiences come to us for a reason, so we use content and proprietary first-party data to help them engage and help advertisers succeed.