Concepts of Website Design & guidelines for free website


Concepts of Website Design & guidelines for free website.

Website design is a collection of data which may be from an organization, company, or personal business. It is a design that enables us to describe a number of decisions that need to be taken regarding the collection of data before the data are ever collected; these decisions must undergo a systematic process. It is the description of the design that indicates the basic structure of the website. Designs are applied to showcase goods and services on the web. Website designers employ this method in unraveling the services available in the web and people rely on the information that are seen on it. Web design enables researchers to use reliable techniques to display info about their products

Why collection of data is important in website design.

Data collection helps to capture users’ attention. In the advertising and marketing industry, data collection is a crucial aspect. It assists customers in gaining a better understanding of the products and services they are interested in. Data collection also helps website builders to visualize how the website will look and put together the web design process.

Website design plans takes the following steps.
1. Make provision for two good business web address that are unique.
2. Inquire for a website that can give you cheap hosting and domain
3. Develop an imaginary look how your site will look like
4. Plan the site design structure
5. Create your content and license it
6. Work within the information provided
7. Develop and test your website

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Ten steps on how to create a website with zero payment
1. Create an account using “”.
2. Create a free domain name.
3. Install WordPress on your domain, create admin username and admin password used for logging in.
4. Add /Admin in front of your website link to login.
5. Install a theme called “ASTRA” and activate it.
6. Install Elementor and activate it.
7. Edit premade template (design pages) and start editing.
8. When you’re done editing, click on the publish button.
9. Now anyone can access your website.
10. Remember it’s not authentic yet until you buy a domain and active it.

Kinds of website.
1. Bitcoin Site
2. Company Site
3. Consignment Site
4. Online Banking Site
5. Courier/ Delivery Site
6. Business Site
7. And Many More.

Ways to make website learning more enjoyable and interesting.

  • There are many forms and ways of learning and many different techniques, methods and materials to make learning more enjoyable and interesting.
  • Give appropriate feedback to your students by telling them how they didn’t improve and how they advanced.
  • Assess learner’s behavior, in doing this you will observe those that flowed with your teachings and those that are grasping for more directives in order to advance.
  • Organize learners into groups, this will also help them to advance so quickly, because some digest information very fast when their follow student teaches them
  • Allow those that doesn’t learn quickly to teach the class by doing this they be advancing very quickly.
  • An effective learning environment is also very crucial, the environment will make students to feel comfortable and it will stimulate their minds, it also makes learning enjoyable, it will make your students to be willing to learn always.
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